We empower you with best practice approaches and out-of-the-box ideas
for lasting organizational success.

What We Do

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to an organizational transformation. What you need is an approach that is tailored to match your business needs, and which stitches your tech and non-tech teams and operations together seamlessly to enable true change.


And that's why we provide advisory consulting that is carefully crafted around your requirements—with proven approaches to organizational transformation strategy. We start with analyses and assessments, and move on to change management planning, Agile coaching and mentoring, and targeted training on DevOps, Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe®.

We offer next-gen solutions that are centered around emerging technologies like Blockchain, MetaVerse, VR and AR to empower our clients to innovate, create, and realize true value through their business transformation.

How We Do

Everyone is talking about 'transformation' these days, but what exactly does it mean for you as an individual, and for your organization? That's what we aim to find out and help you achieve.

In today's volatile and uncertain world, any transformation must focus on the need to deliver real and measurable value. Businesses must have the edge over the competition, and they can do this by being the first to unlock new opportunities, drive efficiency and maximize customer delight.

And it's not enough to be able to do all this now. Any change effort must be sustainable, and in order to drive innovation that lasts, you should be able to zoom out and see the big picture.

In an increasingly turbulent economy, companies need to be able to adapt and rethink their strategies, respond to shifting market demands and comply with emerging regulatory mandates - all the while minimizing risk and optimizing growth.



Over the years, we've developed our own methodology for designing, implementing and sustaining a successful transformation story.

We follow these steps to chart your journey to
business transformation.

Transformation Analysis

We analyse the current organizational situation, track agile maturity and measure performances through metrics and tools, and recommend a transformation strategy.

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We implement proven strategies and patterns for navigating agile transformation within your enterprise with the aid of SAFe®.

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Transformation Assessments

We assess the use of SAFe® and other strategies, finding out best ways to deliver value in an organization's transformation, through proven methodologies, techniques and tools.

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Clients Often Engage CyberBahn To

  • Perform agile readiness assessments and gap analyses
  • Conduct business value analyses to identify high-ROI opportunities for agile projects
  • Measure and track agile maturity
  • Validate team and organizational structures
  • Select, start up, and evaluate pilot projects
  • Recommend and guide agile practice improvements (in user story and epic creation, backlog grooming, iteration planning, standup meetings, retrospectives, etc.)
  • Recommend and guide improvements in agile technical practices (agile testing, DevOps, continuous delivery, etc.)
  • Develop and measure agile performance and ROI metrics
  • Select and deploy enterprise agile frameworks (SAFe, Enterprise Agility Framework, etc.)
  • Select and tailor advanced agile management practices (flexible funding, agile portfolio management, incentives for agile projects, etc.)