Enterprise Agile

Lean Assessments

We apply the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to assist an organization in their transformation to using Lean and Agile methodologies for enterprise solution and capabilities. When applying the Scaled Agile method, we look for value streams to understand, organize, and deliver value.

At the SAFe enterprise and portfolio level, value streams are a series of steps to provide continuous flow to the "Customer" that are funded and nurtured as a set of solution development activities. These activities either deliver end-user value directly or support other operational value streams.

Value Stream Economics is critical when restructuring organizations to being more Lean and Agile. Don Reinertsen gives five elements for an economic framework and the necessity for understanding the relationship between them:

In order to optimize the whole project, it is critical to understand all the steps and associated costs in the flow, from concept to cash. It is a challenge to understand the actual flow of value at the enterprise, which can be addressed only in its specific business context. CyberBahn has this capability; we use proprietary tools to initiate your Agile|Lean transformation by assessing your enterprise and value flow based on the five elements from the economic framework. The result is a Lean and Agile restructuring of portfolios that support one or many value streams as fit for purpose.

Here are some artifacts that can be delivered as part of our Agile|Lean transformation assessment:

  • Lean|Agile Transformation Vision & Business Case.
  • Questions based on business context to understand flow of value.
  • Evaluation of organization's empirical data for current flow of value.
  • Propose lean value streams.
  • Value streams characterization (e.g. Operations, Development, etc.)
  • Facilitating Inspect and Adapt workshops
  • Financial forecasting and modeling projected cost savings.
  • Propose Strategy to launch Agile Release Trains (ARTs).
  • Agile maturity assessment (if appropriate), and other XP-inspired practices