Enterprise Services Planning

Enterprise Services Planning
Enterprise strategy, planning and risk management in an uncertain world.

Aligning strategy with our market and capability; Fitness Criteria; Modern KPIs; Anti-Fragility.
Delivery of strategic goals depends on fast coordination across your enterprise.
Combining visibility, focus, and data-driven decisions, Enterprise Services Planning. is a complete management system that takes business agility to another level.

  • Executive Track: Overview of strategy, organizational risk and Fitness for purpose.
  • Product Manager Track: Cost of delay, real options, demand shaping, capacity allocation and Portfolio Kanban.
  • Expert Track: Delivery and project forecasting, liquidity and volatility, scaling, Managing dependencies, and dynamic capacity reservation systems.
  • 2 Day Executive Track: no prior training needed.
  • 3.5 Day Product manager track: no prior training needed.
  • 5 day Expert Track: Completion of Kanban System Design (KMP-I) is required. Completion of Kanban Management Professional (KMP-II) training is ideal.

  • Executives that are interested in understanding and improving their strategy and business alignment.
  • Product managers interested in developing fit for purpose solutions to delight their customers.
  • Kanban or agile coaches who wish to improve their ability to guide delivery.

Become better at designing and delivering fit for purpose solutions.