Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL-1)

Certified Agile Leadership I (CAL-1)

As the world of work becomes increasingly complex, organizations and leaders are called upon to deliver more innovative products and services on a more frequent basis, while keeping the company’s culture dynamic and gratifying.

CAL I is an introductory, educational course that consists of in-depth leadership development learning objectives across five categories. The goal of CAL I is to bring awareness of agile leadership thinking, focus, and behaviors; and to start (or meet where they are) the agile leader on their learning journey. CAL I is your steppingstone to CAL II, which continues your journey with a deep dive into your leadership development practice and success.

The Scrum Alliance Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) program (CAL I + CAL II) is a unique two-part education and practice-based program to develop agile leadership competency and maturity.

Through the CAL program, you can increase your leadership effectiveness and learn how to be a better leader, no matter what your role.

Who is CAL for?

CAL participants vary by professional background and work experience. The common thread is their desire to enhance their workplaces (and their clients’ workplaces) with agile values, practices, and metrics. This program is for anyone leading or participating in an agile transformation.
• Coach / Consultant. Your challenge is to help clients navigate an agile transformation with a focus on the people and mindsets necessary to shift the culture. A CAL certification provides you the tools to help enact change and distinguishes you in the field as someone who has acquired the defined knowledge of an agile leader.
• Manager. One of your challenges may be overcoming internal resistance to organization-wide agility. Certified Agile Leadership gives you practical tools to bolster your shift from agile practitioner to agile leader, and helps you nurture yourself and senior management champions to solidify your efforts.

• Executive. Finding the time to nurture your own agility and discovering a meaningful role to play in an agile transformation is challenging. You desire to be more than just someone who authorizes hiring a consultant or coach. Certified Agile Leadership certification can quickly accelerate your learning curve and show you the active role you could play in a sustainable agile transformation. You’ll also discover a personal transformation as you learn about your own internal leadership development.
• The Leader in You… In All of Us. Finding out more about your personal leadership style can enlighten you and help you be more empathetic to everyone you encounter. This program can enhance both your career and your personal life.

There are no prerequisites for CAL I. Anyone is eligible. CAL I is achieved upon successful completion of the set learning objectives. The CAL I credential does not expire, but the digital badge is a meaningful start on your agile career/personal journey.

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SOURCE: https://www.scrumalliance.org/get-certified


Anyone leading or participating in Agile transformation can take this course. The course is ideal for:

  • Coach/Consultant
  • Manager
  • Executive
There are no prerequisites to attend Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) certification course. But, it is recommended to have work experience in Agile development to get most out of the training.
The Certified Agile Leadership course takes 2-days’ to complete which include both theoretical and practical sessions.
There is no exam as such to get the CAL I certification.
Agile has revolutionized software development and project management which has led to an increasing demand for Agile professionals across different industries including IT. Hence, Certified Agile Leadership is an advanced program in Agile to help you gain leadership in Agile which opens doors to numerous career opportunities.
Certified Agile Leader (CAL I) is a designation offered by Scrum Alliance to those who have successfully completed a 2-day CAL I course and demonstrates your expertise and skills in Agile.
The Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) certification is valid for lifetime.
PDUs (Professional Development Units) and SEUs (Scrum Educational Units) are the credits offered by the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance, respectively. Successful completion of educational training or learning opportunities, which serve to validate your participation and continued proficiency helps you earn these PDUs and SEUs.
PDUs and SEUs demonstrate your contribution to the Agile environment by providing credits for any professional achievement that you make in your career. Individuals who hold a credential from Scrum Alliance require to earn a certain number of SEUs for every 2 years to get certified. Similarly, an individual who holds a certification from PMI except the CAPM® needs to earn a certain number of PDUs for every 3 years.
On successful completion of the Certified Agile Leadership training, you will earn 16 PMI PDUs and 16 Scrum Alliance SEUs.