Certified Professional Architect (CBPA)

Certified Blockchain Professional Architect (CBPA) 

A Certified Blockchain Professional Architect knows how to design strong distributed ledger networks using smart contracts and peer/node networks. A Certified Blockchain Professional Architect can design Blockchain-based applications for enterprises and businesses in multiple Blockchain Technologies. The CBPA credential certifies individuals in Blockchain Testing from a vendor-neutral perspective.

Target Audience
The ideal CBPA participant is very familiar with software test processes, and has worked with at least one programming language. The candidate should also have basic knowledge of AWS, Microsoft Azure, as well as awareness of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.
Learning Objectives

  • Network Distributions
  • Data Protocols
    • Data storage.
    • Digital Currency.
    • Smart Contracts.
  • Security and Encryption
    • Digital Keys.
    • Smart Wallets.
    • Transaction parties.
    • Permissions.
  • Transaction Execution
    • Validation.
    • Verification.
    • Creation of new blocks.

Getting Started
If you are interested in pursuing the Blockchain Professional Architect certification, we invite you to take the certification class with one of the R.E.Ps. Please check our calendar to find a scheduled class in your area.

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SOURCE: https://icblockchain.com/